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Welcome to the Thacker Broadcasting Docs site. Here, we document everything relating to our site(s), its operations, business operations, legal and product documentation, FAQs, and more.


Our site is laid out as such:

  • Menu bars contain "Categories" of items, such as Legal or FAQs
  • Each menu may contain multiple sub-categories or sections, which are laid out on the left side of the page
  • Headers (and other important points) for each page are listed on the right side titled "On this page". This is especially useful when you may be looking for a particular section in a document.
  • Our header contains a search bar to help you find items on the site. Additionally, our public repository where this documentation is hosted lives beside it.
  • Our footer contains our copyright, support desk (titled "Submit a ticket"), the ability to change your cookie settings, and our social media.


This site is hosted through Github Pages. The following is collected upon visiting this site:

  • Traffic indicating you visited (collected anonymously)
  • The site you visited from (collected anonymously)
  • What you viewed while visiting (collected anonymously)

This data can be viewed by logging into a GitHub account here.

You may validate this for yourself by investigating the files located in the src folder as well as mkdocs.yml file.